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SQ01 Wrong result when using workorder LDB AFI (DAUFK, DIAFVC and DIKBEDS)

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Hi all,

when i create a sapquery with the LDB( logical database) AFI (workorders) and i want a result with order, operation and the split persons in the operations (DIKBEDS) i only see result if there are split persons involved in a workorder operation. I do not see other orders and operations that are not having split persons.


i thought there where all left outer joins, but the joins between DIAUFK ->DIAFVC is left outer join and DIAFVC -> DIKBEDS is not?

Can anybody exlain how i get the order, operation and split persons in one query ?

and the result are complete list with or without split persons depending on selection that is used.

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I've had similar issues with LDB PNI, in the end I had to create several queries to get the data, then use Excel to pull it all together - not ideal, but it works.