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Split valuation

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A material will have split valuation,one with price control V and the other with S . Now when I create BOM, Routing, Production order , I want system to pick the material with S . How is it possible.

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Dear ,

For any FG/SFG if both external and internal procurement-MRP2 Procurement Type -X I think split valuation will work .Basically SV comes into picture during GR and consumption, not in planning cycle So it that case ,

1.If the material is split-valuated, you can specify the valuation type in the PO during any inventory movement . Which valuation type you can enter for a material is determined by the valuation category .

2.Valuation is controlled by three factors:

Valuation category

Valuation type

Valuation class

How to use :

1.Activate Split Valuation -SPRO-MM-Valution and Accounting Assingment

2.Keep Valution Categoery -H in Material Master Accounting View

3.Matain Price Control V

Hope this wil be useful



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For that you need to define the valauation category H in Acconting 1 view, with H only V goes at header level and then extend material in the valuation type in combination of S, while doing Production related activities this valuation type is to be used.

From F1 help

Valuation Category

Determines whether stocks of the material are valuated together or separately.


In the case of split valuation, this indicator also determines which valuation types are allowed, that is, the criteria by which stocks can be valuated.

valaution type:An subdivision of a valuation category in split valuation.

check T code OMWC and OMW0


Anupam Sharma

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1. When you create the BOM , Routing you cannot specify the the valuation type.

2. Only during the Inventory movement you will be able to do the same.