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split valuation account determination

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hi all,

i have the confusion in account determination of split valuation.

since in split valuation configuration valuation type is assigned to account category refference and further account category refference is assigned to valuation class.

pls suggest


sumit choudhary

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Based valution class, material post to G/L account which assigned with other parameters in OBYC t.code.Split valution just used to maintaion different price for same  material.During transactions valuation type entered manually or automatically for material, so that it can be tracked at the end in a report.

Acccount catagory reference, just indirectly involved account Determination where flexibly links valution class with possible material type.Also posting  key  indirectly involved account Determination which play very vital role which determines whether a line item is a debited or credited.

For Account Determination in SAP, every movement of goods is followed by one movement type and movement type play vital role which triggers  transaction event key & G/L account assignment. The G/L account assigned to transaction event key (OBYC) and the  vital parameters for Account Determination are  Chart of Account, Valuation Class, valuation area,Transaction Event Key, Valuation Grouping Code and Account Grouping Code/Account Modifier.


Biju K

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi ,

System determines G/L account with trailing flow:

Material master -> Valuation Area -> Valuation Category -> Valuation Type -> Account Vategory Ref-> Valuation Class-> OBYC

Hope it helps !!

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since in split valuation configuration valuation type is assigned to account category refference

Account determination will happen in Normal way like other Materials Based on the Valuation Class you maintain the Material Master, Since G/L assignment in OBYC happens w.r.t. these Valuation Class.

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Hi Sumit,

Account category reference acts as a link between material type and valuation class. With ACR we can have multiple combinations.

Now coming to split valuation, Valuation types are defined with respect to the ACR. For example, 01 and 02 valuation types are defined for 0001 (Raw Material) ACR.

Now in the next step, Valuation categories are defined. These are used to group together valuation types. For example, Valuation Category M is defined to group 01 and 02 valuation types together.

In the local definitions, valuation category status is activated for the applicable plants.

During creation of material master, system finds the applicable valuation category from material type.

The valuation category is need to be entered in the material master. Then you will find the respective valuation types in the F4 selection while creating material master.

For example, here you will use valuation category as M in the material master for ROH material type.

And you may use the valuation type 01 for domestic and 02 for imports. The applicable valuation class are determined from the ACR. As we have defined and linked the valuation types to the ACR.

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