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Split the Delivery based on Storage location

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HI all,

How to Split the Delivery based on Storage location when creating delivery. is there any functional setting ?



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Answers (3)

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Hi KR,

That should not be a problem. The moment your code says that a difference in SLoc should lead to a different delivery, the plant doesnt matter. So just code in a reqmt that difference in SLoc should lead to split and assign this routine in copy control in relevant place. Your reqmt will be fulfilled.

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Hi Naveetha Krishnan,

Thank you very much for inputs.i am using SAP4.7, and i cound not see LIKP-ZURKL field. basically i am abaper and can you elaborate your answer with stepwise ?

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Hi Nafa,

Little correction: the ZUKRL/ZUKRI is for delivery to Billing not for OR-Delivery.

Hi KR,

Navaneetha's suggestion is the right way.. the functional person for you should create a new routine for "combination requirement" in the copy controls between order and delivery and you should code it by combining sloc as one of the fields.

Consider all the fields like sales org+ sloc+ etc..ideally the suggestion is you copy stnd routine 051 and then add this additional logic.

for ex. if the routine number is created as 901 then in SE38 SAP will automatically a blank program as RV50B901, where you need to put in the logic.

I hope this helps.



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Hi KR,

If you want to do delivery split, you can do it by means of copy control between sales order and delivery. In this case, the storage location should be updated in sales order itself, which is not the standard SAP process.

If you want the split to happen because of S.Locn, in VTLA tcode, for the relevant copy control and you have to assign a routine.

The routine should update storage location along with the already available splitting criteria to the filed LIKP-ZURKL. You can select the copy control routine 1 and create a custom reqmt.

Assign this custom reqmt in copy control for the field Data transfer VBAK routine.

If this is done, the split will happen due to storage location. If you need more details on tihs, please let me know.

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I hope there will be onely one choice if you activate the shipping point determination based on Storage location.

For each storage location if you define individual shipping point and maintain the shipping point determination based on storage location system will automatically takes individual delivery.

I suggest, If you have multiple storage location and plants the option will be monotonous work. This does not recommendable.

Through customization:

write a data transfer routine in VOFM and assign during copy controls from sales order to delivery at line item level.

Thanks & regards

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Hi ,

Thanks for reply

I have multiple storage locations and a single plant. in this case how would i go ?



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I have multiple storage locations and a single plant

In this case, try with Delivery exit V02V0002. This exit can be applied to determine storage location in delivery automatically.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi KR and Lakshmipathi,

I am having exactly the same requirement. My requirement is that i need to split one Sale Order line into multiple line items in delivery based on the stock in a particular storage location at the time of delivery creation.


Line item 10 in Sale order for quantity 100.

Storage location stock in the priority

ST01 = 40

ST02 = 25

ST03 = 2000

I wish to have 3 line items in delivery like

Line item Storage Location Qty

10 ST01 40

20 ST02 25

30 ST03 35

I was able to do the same in the BADI LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC ~ SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE

But i am facing problems regarding the inconsistency in delivery document such as Picking status update etc

Suggest if there is any better method to do.

Thanks in advance.