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split criteria for document creating

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Hello Gurus,

if I want to split a document (such as delivery document) into several target documents (such as billing documents), where can I set this split criteria ?

thanks very much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bo,

Basically, all fields which are copied to the header of the delivery (table LIKP) via the routines of the copy control lead to a delivery split. Furthermore, some fields are copied to the header by all means and are relevant for the split there.

Split fields that cannot be changed are:

VSTEL Shipping point

KUNNR Goods recipient


The following split-relevant fields can be affected via the copy control, however, they should not be filled differently from the defaults since they are necessary for the control of the shipping process:

VKORG Sales organization

AUTLF Full delivery indicator

VSBED Shipping condition

FKARV Billing type (customer billing document)

LIFSK Delivery block

STAFO Update group for statistics

STWAE Statistics currency

KKBER Credit control area

KNKLI Account number of the customer with the credit limit default

GRUPP Customer credit group

SBGRP Processor group for credit management

CTLPC Credit management: Risk category

CMWAE Currency key of the credit control area

WAERK Currency of the sales document

INCO1 Incoterms 1

INCO2 Incoterms 2

KZAZU Indicator order combination

KDGRP Customer group

PERFK Invoicing dates (calendar identification)

In the table with delivery header data LIKP, there is the field ZUKRL. which can be filled with any values by using copying control. The contents of this field act as a splitting criterion during delivery creation.

If you have access to SAP Market place, then you can review the below SAP Notes:

546668 FAQ: Delivery split when creating deliveries

355404 Why was there a delivery split during creation?

Hope this helps you,



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi friend,

You define the same in Copyin-control, where you have caopying requirement. Here only you need to add your split criteria in coding. Try to see in TC- VTFA,VTFL etc.

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ok , I can configure "copy requirement" for splitting operation. could you please tell me what is the default action for splitting in SAP ? and is there any other setting brought in by SAP defaultly?

thanks very much!

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Hi zhang

while doing delivery by default system will check the following

ship to party

inco terms


unloading point

Delivery date

While doing billing split can take place due to following

Payment terms

Differenrent payer

PO number

Billing date

If you want to go then you can change in the copy controls as our friends already explained