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Special Procurement key for STO

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Hi experts,

We have three plants say 1000, 1100, 1200.

Material "A" will be received  to Plant 1000 from both plants 1100 and 1200 through stock transfer order(STO).

In this case how can we create special procurement key for material "A" for 1000 plant, How should I map this scenario to consider two plants are as sender plants one plant as receiver plant. What are the settings required to suit this requirement.

Please help in this issue

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Raj,

I think DB's solution will meet your requirement. I explored other possibilities.

The other option is to create two MRP areas based on two storage locations in plant 1000. Create two SPK w.r.t. two supplying plants and assign one to each MRP area.

It has some major constraints. You will have to manage the stock,requirements, planning separately for the two storage locations.


Nitin Kurhade

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When you use a Special Procurement key, you are in effect declaring that you wish to have MRP create procurement proposals for only one source (a single plant).

If you, however, have multiple sources, and you wish to plan all of them, you generally do not use a SPK.  Instead, you create source records (routings/BOMs for local manufacture, Purchase info records for procurement from another plant).  Then, you use a quota arrangement to determine how much product should be produced in each of the multiple sources.

Best Regards,