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Special GL indicator issue

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Hello All,

My user wanted to post customer credit memo using special GL indicator. He wanted that the Payment term field to be visible in the document. However, the payment term field is suppressed. The filed Due Date is required. Is this a SAP standard that if we indicate Special GL indicator the Payment Term will be suppressed? Or is there a way to sue special GL indicator at the same time, the Payment Term field is not SUPPRESED (visible)?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello Ravi,

Thanks for the feedback.

Is there any SAP documentation you can give for me regarding to this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Payment term only comes into picture only when you are posting normal transactions.

When there is a special GL transaction, there is no question of payment terms, but we are making an advance or down payment.

To clarify more on the Special GL indicator use, you may please refer to