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Special Consignment scenario ??????????????

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Hello All

I am working with Consignment scenario

The customer has a scenario that when I am creating a consignment fill up order to a customer when they want to issue the consignment they are putting a different customer so the system is not issuing the consignment goods, so can I create the consignment issue order with reference to a consignment fill up order and change the customer so the system will issue the goods to the new customer and withdraw it from the consignment stock of the first customer


Jacopo François

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Answers (4)

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we can use the partner function special stock partner

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Dear Jacopo Francois

As you would be aware, the login behind to adopt consignment fillup and issue process is that we transfer the stock from unrestricted to special stock which is nothing but, that particular stock is earmarked for a particular sold to party. This being the standard, why you want to change the customer in the issue order stage which is not at all recommended.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Thank in advance

The scenario is

u2022Create a consignment fill up to a customer (X) so the system will put the amount in a consignment stock

u2022Create a consignment issue with reference to the consignment fill up but the customer is changed to (Y)

u2022The system will take the order Quantity from the consignment stock that was reserved to Customer (X)

they have this req and i want to know if there is a work aroud for it and how

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I need this scenario to solve an issue related to Van sales, the customer doesnu2019t have budget to buy PDAs so I am trying to use the consignment scenario as an alternative scenario as the Van seller will be the first sold to party so he will take the goods as consignment then when he sells the goods I want to create consignment issue order with the new sold to part that bought the goods from the van seller then the goods will be issued from the consignment stock marked to the first customer u201Cvan selleru201D

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If you are creating and consignment issue order with reference to a consignment fill up then you cannot change the customer.



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I donot understand the reason for doing this against the standard procedure. Please explain your requirement in details.

I guess, you can do this if you use the schedule lines C1 (without availability check), it will not check the stock while creating the Con. Issue.