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Special Charge not to split in Invoice

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Hi Guys,

I have a situation here:

In standard order there are few line items. Some Materials (AMB MAT) are shipped at ambient temp. Some items are shipped in ice packs (ICE MAT) for which one fixed charge (Say Cond Z99) is applied (say $50 no matter how many items are there in the order which need ice packs, in sales order this $50 split among all ICE MAT).

Now there is split delivery taken place, now my user want Full Z99 charge should apply to the first invoice where in ICE MAT is there.

Help! Help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1:You can create the condition type as Header & Item condition type.

2:Add the cond type to pricing procedure.

3:Create a requirement routine which checks if its first invoice & if it is applied in order, then apply in invoice. if it is second or any subsequent invoice, then do not apply this condition.please check the table VBFA for doc flow. you also need to check for any cancelled lines and cancelled invoices in the logic. please work out the logic with your ABAP person.

4: Assign this routine to the condition type in the pricing procedure.

5:In the copy controls from Delivery to Invoice, maintain pricing as B - carry out new pricing or C-copy manula conditions and redetermine others.



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