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source list necessary for SA schedule lines automatic generation

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hi community,

In on-premise version, source list is mandatory for scheduling agreement to generate schedule lines automatically after running MRP.

I tried SA in S4 HC 1908, it seems i don't need source list to generate schedule lines by running MRP... did the rules change? or it's because some configuration?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In cloud we have concept of simplified sourcing where sourcelist is not mandatory to maintained to determined the valid source of supply. Kindly refer to note 2268069 to find out more details about the same. It's mention in the note that If sourcing determines several valid sources of supply for the same material, plant, quantity, and date, but does not find any quota arrangements, then it prefers production versions over delivery schedules, delivery schedules over purchasing contracts, and purchasing contracts over purchasing info records



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