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Source inspection without Q-info record?

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Can we do source inspection without using quality info record?

If yes then what master data we need to set-up?


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You cannot do source inspection without Q-Info record.

If you face difficulties in maintaining Q-Info Record individually, you can use the T_Code QI06 to perform a mass maintenance of Q-info record.



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how can we do mass maintainance @ QI06?

We have 500 material - vendor combination. Now if we want to mas maintain @ QI06, what should we do?

Can we do mass creation? We don't have exist in ur current system, but we want to do soirce insp nowonwards.

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Mass creation of quality info records is possible through QI06.

Pre requistes are

1) In material master activate qm procurement key and enter control key with delivery /vendor release.

Use Transection Code OQBA and create your screen varients with required User status.

Go to QI06,

Enter material, vendor , plant. In add tab enter release until date and other required fields

When adding records, you can enter one or several materials. As a rule, the only materials used for processing are those for which QM in Procurement is active in the material master and a vendor release or quality assurance agreement is required by the control key.

You can enter one or more vendors, for whom a quality information record is to be created.

If the indicator u201COnly for Purchasing Info Recordsu201D is set, the system only creates those quality info records, for which a purchasing information record has been maintained.

By doing this you can create quality information records for all possible material-vendor combinations.

If you execute this then You will get the list of all possible vendor material combination for which QI can be maintained by selecting line you can save them.

The quality info records printed in the list have a traffic light indicator which denotes the following:

Green light: - All data is correct

Yellow light: - Ordered quantity is greater than released quantity

- There is no quality assurance agreement

- Lock function is active

- Validity period of QM system has expired

Red light: - Deletion flag is set



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