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some questions in FI

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Hello All,

could some one help me on the following questions.

<b>1. which object does the component FI-AA use to map different accounting


a. A cross company code

b. Company Area

c. Business Area

d. Financial Accounting

e. Profit Center

f. Depreciation Area

g. Time Dept management of org units

h. Screen lay out rule

<b>2. Where is the determination of the valuationmethod for evaluation

each rate difference for open items</b>

a) In global paralel currency settings of client

b) Basic settings of company code

c) parameters of foreign evaluation value programme

d) In master record of foreign exchange gains & losses GL account

<b>3. A global variable in drill down reporting FI</b>

a) valid for a report form

b) valid in all report or forms

c) is defined in the report or the form

d) must always be used in GL selections

<b>4. Which analyses are contained customer vendor info system.</b>

a) Credit worthiness

b) DSO

c) payment Managment

d) Currency risk

e) Analysist of the cash discount

<b>5. which one is correct</b>

a) A plant can be assigned to several company code

b) A plant from different country is assigned to a company code



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1 - F ( we can use asset values and depreciation for different puposes like tax, cost accounting etc )

2 - B (Defined under financial accounting global setting-company code-foreign currency valuation )

3 - B

4 - A ( not sure )

5 - B ( relation between company code and plant is 1:n irrespective in which country they are located )

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