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solution for one scenario

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Hi Gurus

A company produces both the semi finished product and finished product.That semi finished is used for the production of finished product and also used as spare part for selling directly to the costumers.Stock is maintaining for semi finished product.How should we configure this in Sap.Plz suggest me.

With Regards


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Answers (3)

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There is no configuration for this. Only you need to do setting in your master data.

Do following things:

1. Maintain Procurement type as X for SFG

2. Maintain sales tab for SFG material

3. If you are receiving sales order directly for SFG and if you are creating PIR also then maintain        strategy as 40.

4. Procurement type for FG is E if it is always made inhouse.

5. Strategy 20 for FG if it is always made on stock.

6. Make BOM for FG and keep SFG as a item.


Alok Tiwari

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Hi Dambarudhar,

For your Semifinished Product - keep procurement type X.

( E - is kept for inhouse manufactured items, F - Purchased items, X - for items which can be both inhouse manufactured as well as purchased)

In this way this issue can be addressed.


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For the semi-finished product maintain sales data in sales tabs of material master so that it can be sold and if the semi finished product is both purchased and/or manufactured put procurement type = X in MRP tab if it is just manufactured put procurement = E and add it to the BOM of finished product.