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solution for one scenario

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Hi Gurus

I want a solution for this scenario.We have a product which can be produced in the production line A and production line B also.I have a requirement qty 1000 to produce.Today i want to produce 800 qty in production line A and next day i want to produce 200 in production line B.How to configure the routing or hw to configure the scenario.Plz suggest me.

With regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes i fully agree the two above replies by our Experts. You need to make two production version and with the help of quota arrangement you can do. Please find below how to go ahead with quota arrangement.

Procedure to setup Quota arrangement:

To set up a quota arrangement for the procurement of a material, proceed as follows:

Master data -> Quota arrangement -> Maintain, enter the material and plant number, press ENTER to display the overview screen for the quota arrangement periods, Enter a validity period for quota arrangement, Enter date until which the quota arrangement is valid. The start date is calculated by the system. Press ENTER .

Select the quota arrangement and choose Goto -> Item overview to display the item overview screen of the quota arrangement. Enter a quota arrangement item for each source of supply you want to include in the quota arrangement.

You must enter the following data.

- Procurement type

- production version

- Special procurement type, Enter k in the S column, for example, if a consignment arrangement for the material exists with the vendor.

- Procurement plant (supplying plant):

- Quota column, enter the quota assigned to each item.

Press ENTER .

The percentage distribution of the quotas is calculated and displayed automatically by the system.

Save the quota arrangement. The system assigns a number to the quota arrangement item automatically.


Alok Tiwari

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I think u can manage with one routing and one production version also.

define two different work centers(=production line). classify them.

now, classify ur operation in the routing also and give the matching values as these work centers.

And in the Production order choose the workcenter which you are going to work on.

and also, if business demands activate the 'workcenter until release' option in spro for better control.

and assign a planning workcenter in the operation of the routing. and during the time of release of the production order, system will ask you to change the choose which one you are going to work with.

correct me if wrong and lets u know which one worked for you.....with the option I mentioned to you, u need to monitor each and every production order closely.....


sandeep kumar.s

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You need to use the quota arrangement for it.

Create two production version Production line A  say 0001 and production line B say 002.

For your material define Quota arraignment in MRP 2 view and use quota split lot size in MRP1 view

In MEQ1 maintain Quota arraignment .

Procurement type for 1: E PV-0001 Quota % 80

Procurement type for 2: E PV-0002 Quota % 20.

Then take MRP run and check the results.

You will have two order one for 800 with Production line A and another for 200 Production line B for the demand of 1000 quantity.

Please try and come back.



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Hi Dambarudhar,

You can have two production versions for same material with two different work centers.

Create production orders with different production versions and book your production as per the work center used A or B for Prod Ver A or Prod Ver B production order.

Hope it helps you.