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Solution for employee separation

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Hi experts ,

I need to propose solution for separation of the employee in various conditions like retirement,VRS,resignation and employee death.

Kindly provide the we need to provide solution through ESS & MSS.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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In IMG, go to your country group's payroll.  There is a node for termination. Under this, there are several steps for configuration - The config steps as well as transaction depend on your country group.   (for India txn is PC00_M40_TERM)

a)Termination reasons - e.g., resignation, termination, VRS, etc.

b)Termination model


There would be different payment rules depending on the separation reason,groupings, contract type, etc.  Payments could be gratuity, leave paid out (entl balance, accrual till

Any loan balances need to be recovered/adjusted in final payment.

Any company assets e.g., mobile phone, laptops, provided have to be returned by the employee.

Through ESS, an employee would give notice of termination with reason, date, etc. This should go to empl's manager

In MSS, the manager approves the request after any interview. 

After approval, it needs to go to HR/payroll to complete termination - this would be through term'n workbench.

Employee's authorizations like approving a fin.txn, etc need to be delimited or revoked.

There may be a final exit interview by HR.

The procedures can be through processes/forms as well.

The ESS/MSS needs to be configured for work flow.

Instead of my repeating the same info here, please see the links below:

Termination Workbench - Reporting - SAP Library

Termination Transaction (PC00_M40_TERM) - Reporting - SAP Library

Termination Workbench - Reporting - SAP Library

Termination Workbench Definition - Reporting - SAP Library

Termination Workbench Computations - Reporting - SAP Library

Termination workbench ! | SCN

Hope this helps.

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