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Sold to party change from Quotation to Sales Orer

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Dear All,

We don't have customer life cycle in place (CRM-SD) but the requirement of the client is, the prospect customer code and when the same person is converted to Existing customer , the existing customer code should be different. Now, the inquiry and quotation is generated with the prospect customer as sold to party. If we create sales order with reference to that quotation, we can't create it with a different sold to party. we need to create Sales order with Existing customer code which would be different than prospect customer (that we put in inquiry and quotation). How can we do this, please suggest.

Thanks in Advance,

Binita Joshi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In VTAA you specify copyieng requirement as 002 differ customer for header.

in VA01 specify the order type and sales area and enter then here you can specify the sold to party(new) and select with reference from sales document view,and specify quote number and copy.accept the warningh message.

Thank you,

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Perfact ! That solves the query,. thank you All,



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Go to VTAA (Order to Order COpy Control) & select your Sales Order & Quotation document.

At Header Copy Control Details, there is Copying Requirements here there would be 001 (Header-same customer). Change it & mention 002 - Header-diff.customer.

Now, system will allow you to enter Different Customer Code while creating Sales Order from Quotation,.

Hoep this helps,


Jignesh Mehta

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Hello Binita,

to fulfill your query you have to use transaction VA01 as above:

use VA01, enter document type and sales domain, click enter (without using create with reference).

enter your sold to party, the new customer code

go to sales document (on top of the page) then click on create with reference here you can mention your quotation.

the system will warn you that you change the customer but you can click on yes and go on.

I wish that this method can help you

Best regards,


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Dear Binita,

There is no standard for the same as far as i know.

But in the copy control between your quotation and sales order, you may write some routine to clear the value of VBAK-KUNNR so that it will be of no value and you can fill the same during the sales order creation.

Please check in that line.

Another option i think which might work is to make the SP in the sales order HEADER partner function editable some how.

Change the SP here and see whether the SP is getting changed in the overview screen also.

Thanks & Regards,

Hegal K Charles