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SNP data to BW

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Hi experts,

I have a report requirement in BW which needs some feilds from SNP like, Dependent Demand, Independent Demand, Supply(firmed). I am new to APO and I am wondering where to start, Can someone plz, write the steps to follow.

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Thanks for your very helpfull input.

I have external BW ststem connected with APO and nned to generate report from that system. Do necessarily need to create my InfoCube first in APO-BW and then replicate the export DS for that cube or I can directly replicate DS created for SNP Planning Area?

Can you plz, explain diference b/w LC Time series and LC order storage.

I guess DP only uses TS but SNP uses both.

So, what sort of order data (in terms of planned order, sales order, purchase order and Mfg order and it's usage, and history)is maintained in APO and how that's different from R/3?

If I need order data to compare with Plan data, R/3 or APO is the right source?

I appreciate your help and thank for your valuable time.

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Hi Vishan,

Your question: I have external BW ststem connected with APO and nned to generate report from that system. Do necessarily need to create my InfoCube first in APO-BW and then replicate the export DS for that cube or I can directly replicate DS created for SNP Planning Area?

My Answer: You can directly replicate the DataSource in your external BW system. After this, you have the option of creating a Remote Cube (in BW external system) or new Basic Cube. The same BW performance limitations apply (remote cube gives your "current" data but may give quite a load to your APO system while the Basic Cube doesn't give "current" data but is suitable for lots of users).

Let me think about your other questions and post again.

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Thanks Emmanuel,

I am looking forward for your further comments.

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Hi Emmanual,

If you got a moment plz, check the new posting for my same question. I have assigned points for this already.


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Hi Vishnu,

Live Cache is layer on top of the data base in which data is stored.

There are two types of Live Cache

1. Time Series

2. Order Based.

DP uses Time Series Live cache to store the data where as SNP uses Order Based Live Cache.

In Time Series Data is stored on Time basis. For Eg: Demand on 27.06.2006, or demand for the month of June, etc.

In Order Based, Data is stored with respective Order.

Eg: Production order xxxx with 50 quantity, sales order xxxx with 100 quantity, etc.

I hope I am clear with this.

APO is mainly a planning tool.

It overcomes the draw backs of R/3 Planning.

For Eg: it does global Planning (DP).

If you want to compare the planned/production order data with the plan data, then the best source is APO.

In APO, we can transfer the Planned order(Result of SNP) back to DP(DP contains Plan data(Forecast)).

After transfering you can compare the values in Demand Planning.

The path for transfering data from SNP to DP is


Provide the Source Version,

Eg: 000 for active version data.

Name of the planning Area(DP) and planning version to which you want to transfer the data.

Provide the from and to data (Data between these dates will be transfered).

Select the product and location. (Data Relating to these products will be transfered).

Click on Key Figure Assignment and assign the SNP planning Area Key figure with DP planning Area Key figure.

Save and Execute.

Data will be transfered to the Demand planning(Planning Area).

Let me know if you have any queries.

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Kishore, thanks replying for this thread again.

I know my questions are very basic I am trying to grab some concepts before working APO data in BW. Thanks for helping me clear my doubts.

Ok, so am I correct to say we have Planning areas for DP and SNP, PA is a data structure and data is stored in LC?

Is all APO data stored in LC other than backup or historical in BW cubes or there are tables too like R/3?

How frequetly SNP data is released to DP? and When SNP data is released to DP, is it parrallely available in LCs for both? e.g Order LC in SNP & Time bucket format in DP?

Is there any way I can access LC data?

Your repsonse is highly appreciated.


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Hi Vishan

You are right about the Planning Areas.

DP and SNP have planning Areas.

APO creates a Cube automatically when you create and activate the Planning Object Structure.

Planning Areas are linked to the Planning Object Structure.

So Data is stored in the live cache as well as in the cube.

This cube is different from Backup cube or historical cube.

SNP planning Run is done weekly or monthly basis depending upon the companies procedure. After the SNP planning is run, we can transfer the data back to DP.

This transfer is done to verify whether the forecast genereted by DP matches with the Orders created by SNP.

If there is huge difference between the forecast of DP and actuals of SNP, data is changed in DP and sent back to SNP again(optional).

Data is available both in Time Series live cache(DP) and Order Based Live Cache(SNP) when transfered.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.

The T.Code for Live Cache administration is LC10.

Well I am not quite sure of how to access data from live cache. you should find a way in the above t'code.

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Hi Vishan,

You can use the Transaction code: /SAPAPO/OM16- Data Browser to view the data in Live Cache.

The following is the path:

SAP MENU -->APO Administration --> Live Cache/LCA Routines -->Tools -->Data Browser.



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Hi Vishan,

You can start by creating a DataSource for your Planning Area. You can do this in transaction /SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMIN. Edit your Planning Area and in the screen where you edit the planning area, go the Extras Menu->then choose Generate DataSource.

After this, you can create an InfoSource and then assign the DataSources you created earlier. From here, you have two choices, you can either create a Remote cube or a Basic InfoCube. You can then create queries for your InfoCube. If you created a Basic Cube, then you need to create an update rule to update your cube from your InfoSource.

You can view this link to get more info (Extracting data from Planning Areas):

Hope this helps.

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Hi Vishan,

You need to create a Data Source of the SNP planning Area. You have to go to S & DP Administration to create the Data Source. The path for S & DP administration is

SAP MENU --> Supply Network Plannint -->Environment --> Current Settings --> /SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMIN- Administration of Demand and Supply Network Planning.

Select and double click on the planning Area from the list of available SNP Planning Areas--> go to extras -->Generate Data Source.

Provide a Data Source Name, Aggregate and Execute and save.

APO has a built in BIW Engine. If you would like to generate a report in APO-BW, then you can go to transaction RSA1 and replication the source system for this data source.

If you are using an external BW server, you can replicate the APO server in T.Code RSA1 for the data source.

You can connect this Data source to Basic Cube or Remote Cube, as per your requirements. In General Remote Cubes are used as changes made in the planning Area will be immediately reflected in your report.