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Smartform using OO without Print program Issue with NACE config / VOFM routines

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I followed Smartform using OO without print program blog and developed a new form for Sales Order/Billing Doc and it came out well too, but problem started when client wanted 2 forms (one for domestic and international) for the same output type. Since the OO approach there is no concept of print program, we instantiate the class inside smartform and pull the data to display. So i am not sure where to place the conditions to call different forms. Traditionally we put in print program and call different forms.!

I did find one option in NACE (V1 or V3) ->double click op type->print tab. I guess things here is tied up to VOFM routines. There was one option in the print tab parameter drop down as 'User Exit', but i am not sure how it is used and its corresponding routine numbers to put my condition.

Let me know if you guys think of any solution on how to approach this..!

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