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SM69 is redirected.

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Hello Everyone,

As we need to create External Command, we were trying to access SM69 but we were not authorised. So, I asked backend team for it but they are replying that "SM69 is redirecting to SM59-RFC and it creates inconsistency in the system". We couldn't able to figure it out why.

What should we do?

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To my knowledge SM69 has nothing to do with RFC destinations and SM59. SM69 defines external operating system level commands that can be executed from SAP.

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SM59, no way!

Do you mean SM49? (alias of SM69)

We can't help you without further details.

Ask some experienced technical people or contact SAP Support.

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Ask your backend for clarification. They are not making any sense.

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Answers (2)

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  • SM69 - Management of external operating system commands, linked to operating system type
  • SM59 - Set RFC destination (other systems, TCPIP, etc.)
  • SM49 - Execute external operating system commands - either on the local system, on another system (by name) or on the RFC destination.

Ask your administrator for further explanation. Also do you want to create an external command to run a standard operating system command, to call some external tools or execute a custom-developed command?

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Hi Vinod,

1. Transaction codes SM69 and SM59 are different purpose

2. SM69 You can create the operating system-level command and/or call any other external programs.

3. Try to create the OS-level command or program in the development system and create the change request for QAS and Prod systems.