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Slow performance creating UDT/UDF

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When creating UDT/UDF via SAPbobsCOM.UserTableMD and SAPbobsCOM.UserFieldMD OR via SAPbobsCOM.Company.GetBusinessObjectFromXML(...) we experience extreme slow performance. One field of a table takes at least a second to be created.

We already checked the DB/Server, no problems there (in fact, it does not even show up as laggy.

Any hints? Is there so much data to be transported from client to server or what might be wrong?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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My setup takes between 8 and 15 seconds to create 65 user defined fields and one user defined table.

As I am able to watch the progress, I experience that creating user defined fields for documents is much slower than creating a user defined field for a user defined table.

Personally I think it's because every time a document udf is created, every document table is altered by mssql (the udfs are physically added to every table).

At least it don't take a whole second per table, which definitly sounds like "too much" to me...

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