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Slow in Reading XML response

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Hello Guys,

I'm trying to upload from the Itemlist of SAP to MSDE and DBF tables, but it takes 10 hours to upload 29000 records of Items. I'm reading in the XML file i got from the SOAP response. Is there anyway that I can fasten the process?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gilbert,

Extracting the data from the XML is apparently not a way to be preferred when handling a larger number of records. At least performance might become an issue - as you already found out.

You might consider to use ODBC directly (or maybe even DI APIs Recordset object) to get the data <b>or</b> export the data into a text file - depending on which data you want to export exactly (everything, a subset or a few) one or the other method might suit better. (You don't give to much information about the requirements )

The only alternative I can think of is hardware upgrade...



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