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SLOC Determination

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Here is my scenario: PLANT 1234 is assigned to SLOC 1 & SLOC 2.

Goods receipt of PRODUCT ABC is received into SLOC 1. ABC is then transferred to SLOC 2. Outbound delivery PGI happens from SLOC2.

Availability check is performed at plant level.

I setup the picking location determination and it is working correctly.

Here is an example of my test:

My current stock situation:

Product ABC has 20 EA in SLOC 1

Product ABC has 0 EA in SLOC 2.

Scenario 1: I create Sales Order for 10 EA. Availability check goes OK and I am allowed to create an outbound delivery. But in the Outbound Delivery, the Sloc is BLANK.

Scenario 2: If I transfer 10 EA to SLOC 2, then the Outbound delivery gets created with SLOC 2 assigned to it (based on the picking location config).

I have the following question. In scenario 1: If the system was not able to determine a storage location, I need to prevent the system from creating the delivery since physically there is no stock in Sloc 2.

Any ideas?

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Go to material master -> MRP4 view after entering the plant+storage location details (plant 1234 + Sloc 1).

Then select value 1 -Storage location stock exclude from MRP in the field SLoc MRP indicator field.

By this way, system will not consider this storage location during AC.


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Thanks for the response. I have already used this option and I agree this is one way to do it.

However I feel we run the following risk with this option::

If Product ABC has not been transferred to SLOC2 "on time", when we create a Sales Order (my MRP type is PD, product is external procurement) because of lack of availability in SLOC2, we run the risk of MRP triggering a proposal to buy more product (beacause MRP also thinks available stock is 0).

I am thinking more on the lines of blocking the delivery if the SLOC determined by the system is blank.

What is your opinion?

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During Availability check system will check the Storage location also if the Storage location is determined in Shipping Tab of the order.

Please try to use the S LOC determination for SLOC2 while doing the Order. Use The Exit in program MV45AFZB

USEREXIT_SOURCE_DETERMINATION to determine the SLOC. Because There is no config for SLOC determination at Order Level

Try to put the SLOC in shipping tab and try to check whether system is confirming the stock or not. It will not confirm . If u remove the SLOC in that then system will confirm the stock at plant level.



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