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SLD API in On-Premise SAP B1 HANA deployments


Dear All

In an On-Premise HANA system, the customer would like us to provide some kind of a report on which users have licences assigned in what tenants. They have many tenants and hard to keep an overview.

I have received the information, that it can be got from the SLD API, "SAP Business One Cloud System Landscape Directory Service API" documentation, and then information that while this is meant for the Cloud, most functions are also implemented locally.

Indeed, in our internal test system, I managed to get as far with a simple web browser, that I was able to open and see a bunch of information.

However, would not work.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><error xmlns=""><code>16000</code><message xml:lang="en-US">System Error: while trying to invoke the method of a null object returned from</message></error>

I would like to know whether it is because I need to do all that stuff about authenticating myself with an SLD user and generating a security token, or it is because this function is not implemented On-Premise?

And is this really the only way to get this information about which user has a licence in what tenant, or there are other tools?

B1Upf.xml does not show in which tenants has which user a licence.

Thank you

Miklos Hollender

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