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in SLA, there are 3 levels.

1.How much time each level has been given to the consultants to modify

in 1st level, 2nd level , 3rd level.

2. if the problem hasnt rectified within the agreed SLA, it will go to enhancement. There we have to create the change request . , Is it right. THEn what is sol design

Pls do explain clearly

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Service Level Agreements are depend upon the client and contract.

In some cases there will be many levels of support. If a code change is required then the SLA time will be more.

In some cases, If the issue affects the business, that needs to be recified immediately. If it is a low priority issue, then the time frame will be more.


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Answers (3)

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Service Level Agreement

An agreement with the customer for the assurance of a specific service within a predefined period of time.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) define the attributes for service products (for example, maintenance, Hotline) that have been agreed upon with the customer in service contracts. The SLA confirms different parameters, such as response time, availability time and system availability.

The SLA effects the pricing for each contract item and the date calculation in the service order, to which the relevant contract


also refer to the article: below link

SLA is the Service Level Agreement agreed between the service provider and the client on the terms of delivery.

In this process, they arrive the the response time and resolution time for issues of varying priority.

For example, based on the severity of the issue, they classify the issues as Priority1 to 4, 1being high and 4being low.

Then they will arrive at figures saying that for P1 issue, the response time is immediate and resolution time is 2hours. Similarly for other priorities also.

Once this SLA matrix is arrived at, the same will be used as guideline for solving the issues.

Also periodically, SLA reports will be extracted from the support system and will be reviewed.


at the time of giving the support service to any organisation, clint will fix some times for each issue, call as priority to resolve the issues

these priorities will be 1,2,3,4,5 (high----- low) depends on clint requirement

priority 1 will have 4 hrs and 2 will have 8 that

if we are not able to resolve the issue within that time, that will call as breach

in this situation we have to pay to the clint.

SLA means service level aggrement ,it is between the service provider and the


the SLA mainly contains the terms and conditions of the service which are

1.the duration of the service.

2.the Cost at every stage.

3.amount of effort involved at every stage.

4.cost if any deviation.

5.penalty -- if not delivered at the right time.


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This term can be used in Support project.

We have diffrent prority Incidents in support projects from P1 to P5,it agin depends upon agrements with the client.But normally the time slot for prioty are




P4-48hrs and

P5-converted as enhancement,again this can be divide into 3 E1,E2 and E3,depends upon the criticality of the report the time varies from 2 weeks to 2 months.

according to the prority we need to resolve the issue as per agreed SLA's otherwise company has to be paid to client.

Yes,as you said if it a enhancement we have to follow change management process.

Here solution design team is the ppl who do all changes and config.this is depends upon project to some projects all the actvities done by same team where as in some projects design team is diffrent.

But briefly whatever changes we made it has a necessary approval from commom advisory board,this is called CAB.

Hope you clear on this.



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Hi Sabina,

Generally, there are 4 levels of SLA.

Level 1 denotes Authorization

Level 2 denotes Transaction related, process related etc

Level 3 denotes Reports developments, New Business Requirements.

Level 4 denotes to Rollouts/Enhancements.

Time levels are maintained individually. In my case L1, L2, L3 have within 2 hrs, within 6 hrs, more than 6 hrs respectively. This may change for different clients/Projects.