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SKF in CJ20n: Not able to plan quantity period wise

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Hi All,

I want to plan SKF at activity level in CJ20n in Stat. Key Fig. tab. for period wise as you can see in below screen shot

However i am not able to see period wise plan of SKF option here (for example i want to plan for Aug Sept and october each with different quantities eg. 10, 40 , and 50)

If i run S_ALR_87013548 transaction to see my plan SKF i can see the compete 100 divided equally in month of august to October which is my start and finish date for this activity.

How can i change these quantities to 10, 40 and 50



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Hi Rajiv,

Go to KB31N t code select the screen variant as WBS element /network or order then enter on top of the menu bar Posting under reverse that skf then change the qty and save.

Hope asap information help full to you.


Ravi Kumar Kota

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Hi Ravi,

Thanks for ur promt reply.

I can reverse the entry by your solution, but i can not do this for 2000 activities which i will plan for every project.

However the correct solution would be that system should allow me to post period wise which can be done if distribution key which is greyed for me to change to 0, now it is 1(Equal distribution) and i want that to be 0( manual distribution).

I can plan SKF for WBS in CJS2 and click on period screen  to plan the quantities period wise

Similarly i can plan SKF for network in CJK2 and click on period screen to plan the quantities period wise.

However for activities we can plan only in CJ20n Stat. key Figure tab, here i am facing problem as i explained, as there is no option to plan period wise and if i give total quantity system is distributing equally.

Just wanted to know how can i do it and nearest solution i can find is using distribution key, but that i am not able to change.

Please let me know if find any solution