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Size and Housekeeping of SFORM_A_STORAGE of SOMU_DB - S4HANA Output Management

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Hi Everyone,

we are following SAP Note 2462673 to set up the KPro for category SOMU.

This will store the PDF's for new BRF+ output management in database table SFORM_A_STORAGE. I have the option to use a Content Server for this, but I have concerns about processing outputs if content server is unavailable.

The SAP recommendation is in SAPNote 2462673 in which we create a new repository SOMU_DB:

Check if the Content Repository "SOMU_DB" exists in transaction OAC0.

  • The recommendation is the following:

    Description: Output Management DB Storage
    Storage type: SAP System Database
    Storage subtype: Normal
    Version: 0047
    Content table: SFORM_A_STORAGE
  • Check if the Content Repository "SOMU_DB" is assigned to Category "SOMU" in transaction OACT.

My Question is:

Is this data temporary or permanently stored, and if it is permanent, how can we implement housekeeping?

Many thanks in advance,


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Mark, Have you got your answer? I have the same question about housekeeping for this SOMU_DB Table.

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Have you any advice on how you achieved it