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Single Valuation View FINSC_LEDGER

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HI :- Need to understand regarding Single Valuation approach in FINSC_LEDGER, when we create a seperate ledger for Group valuation i.e. Currency 11 & 31 for Group valuation view.

Since only the Leading ledger is integrated with Controlling i.e. 0L & most of the client go for Multi valuation approach.

If i create a non-leading ledger as Group Valuation how will it be integrated with Controlling? Though i can assign the Controlling area/ Version ( Group Valuation with Ledger group)

My Question will the Non leading ledger be integrated with CO. we wont activate the COGM functionality.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You will assign those ledgers to the delta versions that you define in CO for parallel valuations

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Thank you so much Ajay Bhai! Was skeptical about how will it work as a Multi Valuation approach we create a delta Version and assign it to 0L.

I was not sure whether the Non leading ledger would flow from FI to CO. Thanks again

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