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Single Process Order for two semi-finish material with stock updation.

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Dear All,

Kindly provide help on below mentioned requirement ASAP:

Requirement: I have two different-different semi finish material which have two different-different bill of material. Can we create single process order for both materials.

Example: Suppose 101 is a semi finish material which is in semi solid state and 102 is second material which is in solid state. First,I will produce 101 than after 14 days it will convert into 102.I need stock details for both 101 and 102 materials. Price will be same for both 101 and 102 material.

For the production of both material,I need to create only 1 process order.

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Issue Resolved:

I have used "Co-product" concept and resolved the issue.

Exp: I have entered 101 material in BOM as a component of 102 material with minus quantity.

Kindly suggest me, if anyone is having better option for this issue.

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