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Sick Leave With Half Pay

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Dear Experts,

Need solution on the below scenario.

We are implementing positive time management and i have the scenario like

1) Sick leave for 7 days with Full Pay

2) Sick leave for 7 days with Half Pay

Please guide me how to handle this scenario in Time Evaluation and in Payroll.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sree,

I need some clarification on this,

First of all, is this leave( sick leave) is quota based leave or non quota based leave?

If this is a quota based leave then for year 14 days will be credited for each employee. In that, if an employee availed 7 days then there won't be any deduction in payroll but if if any one availed more than 7 days let's say 10 days then 3 days should be a half day pay cut right?? Correct me if I understood is wrong. If this is your scenario then.

You have to write 3 PCR for time and payroll.

In time, you have to put the counting PCR to count the number of sick leave utilized for the particular period. In this PCR, you have to query on your absence type. Let's say your absence type is 9000-sick leave. And time type is 9100 and the wage type is 5000 to do the calculation in payroll.


* * * *

9000. ADDDB9100  

In this PCR what will happen is, employee sick leave 9000 will be stored in time type 9100. Now again you have to validate whether you this time type have 7 days or more

HRS=D9100 HRS?7


> HRS=D9100 ADDZL 5000

Now, sick leave more than 7 days will be stored in wage type 5000.

In payroll you have to do the valuation for this wage type according to your formal a for your half pay cut.

I hope you got the idea , actualy this requirement can be done from the payroll itself reading RAB function.



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create two type of sick leave one with full pay and another with half pay. and generate the quota for each with 7 days. and for the for half pay mention the the payment is 50% in the payroll.