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Show only the Queries created with My user

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Dear Experts.

I have two questions about query (S_PH0_48000510 - Ad-hoc-Query ).

In this moment the system show all the Query created with my user and other users

1. How I can only display the Query created with my user?

2..  In the windows (image previous) The system have not an option of "Search"  for search by Name or Title of a queries . How can search a specific Query?


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Hi Carmen,

If I understand you, to search for your own queries I think you can use transaction SQVI.

Also if what you want is the Infoset, you can search it in transaction SQ02 and filter by User.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Miguel

I am using the t.code S_PH0_48000510 - Ad-hoc-Query, however with this t.code is not possible display only my Queries.

I am creating a new Query (See step by step), however the system not allow create it.

This t.code (SQVI)  is possible assign it to the enduser ?

Thanks You.

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SQVI is for your own queries.

But if what you want is to execute a query directly, you always have the option to assign a transaction to it.

1)Select the query you want the user to have access

2)Go to SQ01->Query->More Functions->display report name

3)Create a new transaction with that name.

Remember you need to to this in a development environment.