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Short closing of PR(Urgent)

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Dear All,

We have set a release stratergy for PR were in after release of PR(changebility factor set as 1 in release indicator), it cannot be further changed. But the problem we are facing is in case if we want to short close the PR after the release, system is not allowing to set the completion indicator(it is not going to change mode).

We have already tried MASS MAINTAINACE OF PR to short close, but we don't have option to set the completion indicator.

Please advice how to short close a PR in the above mentioned scenerio.

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Arahanth

Please see whether the following works

Goto Tcode MASS, Input Object type = BUS2105 and then execute.

In the subsequent screen select row Purchase requsition table name EBAN and click on execute button

Next screen click on choose selection feilds button which is 4th buttom from left a pop up window will appear here on the right grid serach for closed select that row and click on left arrow button and save entires as a variaint with your own name.

This should work



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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there is no standard option to short close the PR by MASS.

u have to short close PR manually.

short closing the PR manually for the release PR, change the indicator in the release strtagey of PR

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Go to OMF2 -> SELECT NBB -> Select deadline monitoring and check the status of field Indicator : requisition closed.

Reward if helpful.



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There is no transaction as OMF2.



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there is no transaction or MASS available to short close the PR, u need to go for customised transaction code with the help of ABAPer