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Shipping point cannot be used for plant


Hi SAP team, I would like to assign shipping points to shipping condition, loading group and plant in CBC activity 'Assign Shipping Points'. However I got the error message "Shipping point &&&& cannot be used for plant."
To solve the issue, we need to assign the shipping point to plant first, but we couldn't find configuration activity 'Assign shipping point to plant' in S4HC, please let me know how to fixt this issue, thank you.

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Thank you very much for this answer.

What if we want to unassign any of the already assigned shipping points? This option is greyed out, does it mean it is not possible to delete any existing assignment?

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With CBC, you have to do the Assignment in the activitiy "Set Up Organizational Structure".

- Initiate a Change for the Org Structure

- Open the activitiy "Set Up Organizational Structure"

- In the plant, do the assignment for the shipping point

- Confirm your changes & complete the milestone

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I have assignment of Shipping Point to Plant in my Org Structure , but this appears not to work correctly. I have an activity of Assign Shipping Points to plants in my Business Configuration even though they are assigned.