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Shipping condition type

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(LE-Transportation-ship. costs-pricing-pricing control-define condition types)

What is the use of calculation base field under freight costing, condition types (shipping). Can anyone explain with example (not from F1 help).



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Calculation base, determines the origin of the data which is used during pricing, which influence the condition type. In another word, it is used as a basis of determining the available data for price calculation.

As you are already aware, there are few calculation bases available in SAP. Below is a simple example which you can consider while determining which calculation base is suitable for your condition type:

a) If for example in a particular shipment, if only the Leg and/or weight information is relevant for your shipment cost calculation, then you can consider using Shipment Cost Item calculation base. Reason being, all other information such as handling unit, materials etc are not relevant for the calculation.

b) If you have an agreement with your freight forwarder that the cost calculation is based on the handling unit, then depending on the details that you need to track the cost (I.e. by handling unit type, per handling unit or even up to the level that you need to track the content of each handling unit), then you can consider using calculation bases Handling Units C, E or F (whichever fits your requirement).

c) If in a shipment, for example the cost calculation cost differs according to ship-to party, then you can consider using Delivery calculation base. Different sub-items will be determined for each deliveries assigned in the shipment.

d) If for example you need to determine or calculate your shipment cost base on the types of materials, freight types, divisions, other materials information, then you can consider using the Delivery Item calculation base for this. Sub-items per delivery items will be generated.

Hope the above clarifies your doubt.


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Check this:

It explains the difference between different Calculation basis and provide examples. Let me know after reading the examples if you have further queries.

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