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Shipment cost document pricing

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Dear all,

This is regarding the shipment cost document pricing issue.


The condition record for a freight condition type ZB00 is based on Service agent & Route.

Now suppose there are two delivery documents with 1 line item each in the shipment.

The Value fo ZB00 should be proportinately distributed to the delivery line items based on the volume of the material in each line item.

So if 100 $ is the freight for the shipment.

Two deliveries of 1 line item each.

1st delivery line item material volume is 40

2nd delivery line item materil valume is 60

Both are in the same shipment.

then the freight...of ZB00 shoule be split to

1st delivery line item: 40$

2n delivery line item :60$

Whats configured?:

for ZB00 condition type

Cond. class B Prices

Calculat.type T Multi-dimensional

Calc. base B Delivery item

item conditon.

Do i need a Alt conditon base value in pricing procedure as 1 ""Volume""

I tried it dint wats wrong?

Please let me know the corrective action?

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Answers (3)

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Dear Supreeth,

Try thsi configuration setting I hope it will soute for your requirement.

Go to transaction T_56 here you click on Define item categories then select your shipment cost itemcategory then go in to details of that in the detail screen you find field Cost dist.under Settlement tab you maintain this field as C Delivery item then try.

I hope this will help you,



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For those in

Maintain in the condition type alt calc. type as FIXED PRICE

Stangely...u got to first maintain item condition tick...assign the accces seq. then also tick the header condition.

Then put 1 (VOLUME) as te alt. cond. base value shipment pricing procedure.



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