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Shipment Cost document Auto PO create (and GR) - issue with *** UOM

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Dear All,

During the transfer of shipment cost document, what the system does is that it finds an open PO or creates a new PO (acct assign cat U and item cat D), create a service entry sheet based on the PO and performs the GR.

1. The issue that i encounter is that for the PO created, the net value is zero.

2. Looking in the Services tab, it doest show anything in the service no/short text - without gross price

3. But in PO history tab, SEnt appears and the GR document appears having the amount computed in the shipment cost document. The problem is that the OUn is ***.

Sample in the GR document it shows Quantity = 1, Delivery cost quantity is zero and the unit of measure is ***.

in the service entry sheet, no quantity and delivery cost quantity appears only the amount in LC

Going in the service entry sheet created, i noticed that the unit of measure is ***

Going to each tab, an error message shows: Unit *** is not created in language EN

Unit *** is not created in language EN

Vendor master sev-based inv ver is selected.

The settings in ML91 is set to AU (Unit of measure at item level)

Thanks in avanced.

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Answers (2)

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Please, logon in EN and in transaction CUNI fill (translate) following fields:

- Commercial

- Technical

- Measurement unit text

for affected UOM


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Its already maintained.

Issue is still encountered.

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If you carefully review note 764559 you could check why an existing PO is not found..

Good luck!


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Thanks, but the PO is selected and we can have it automatically generated by the system.

The main issue lies in the unit of measure of the corresponding service entry sheet as well as the unit of measure in GR created when we select the transfer button in the shipment cost document.

Both of them have *** unit of measure.