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Ship to party

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Dear SAPiens

I have common scenario where we make Contract > Sale order >Delivery+PGI>Billing

1. We book contract on the name of Agent i.e. in Contract Sold to party and Ship to Party remains the same.

2. While making Sales order we change the Ship to party on the main screen.

3. But all the time our Payer is same as Ship to Party and for that we have to change partner function at header level of Sales order all the time manually

4. But, we want to have that while changing ship to party at sales order, payer should get automatically changed with same code as ship to party

5. Please help me if there is any possibilities in customization or some other type of solution.

Thanking you

Ashish Mishra

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can check with EXIT_SAPLV46H_002-Customer Function for Partner Changes (Exit V46H0001).

Thanks & Regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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U can try to attach the payer partner function while creating the ship to party customer master. Then try to create the SO and check if while changing the Ship to party does the system automatically change the payer also as per the payer maintained in the ship to party.

for this u have to maintain the partner dertmination procedure for the ship to party parter function.

try and see if it helps..



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Dear Sir

But in our case Sold to party and ship to party is same i.e. sold to party can be ship to party or vice versa.

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I am afraid that while your payer partner function can be determined by the ship to on order creation (using the source partner function in config as SH) - once entered the partner functions will not be redetermined.

So on create - enter your sold to and ship to - payer determined from ship to - all fine.

Having entered the above - the ship to is changed - the payer will not be redetermined - this is sap standard unfortunately - see note 380507.

The only thing you can do is redetermine the payer using a user exit at save.