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Ship-to party is not assigned to a sold-to party

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Dear Experts

I am creating Sales ORder VA01

my customer is 42

so i have enterd 42 in Ship to party and Sold to party

but getting error is

Ship-to party 42 is not assigned to a sold-to party

Followign things I have alrady done which are

1) In XD03 I have checked the Partner Functions, there SH Ship to Party is 42.

2) In IMG , for Sales Order Document Type OR--> Partner Determincation Function TA is assigned

and for Partner Determincation Function TA--> Partner Function SH is assigned and Not modifiable check box is NOT checked

3)I have assigned Partner Determincation Procedure WESR to Account Group 0002

4) In Customer Master data SH-Ship to Party 42 is there in Partner Function

could u please guide me



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to XD02 and give your customer number over there.

Then give the your sales area data and company code for which you are creating sales order.

Then go to sales area tab and then go to the partneru2019s tab.

Over there check out whether sold to party is assigned to your ship to party.

Check these setting then reply us back.



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tried but this is not the solutuion.

error not solved

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Amol,

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to this node in SPRO: Sales and Distribution->Basic Functions->Partner Determination->Set Up Partner Determination

2. Click on Execute

3. Choose 'Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master'

4. Click on 'Partner Determination Procedure Assignment' on the left hand side

5. Check, for your account group, what is the Partner Determination Procedure assigned

6. Now click on 'Partner Determination Procedures' which is the first option on the left hand side

7. Select the PDP which you obtained in step 5

8. Click on 'Partner Functions in Procedure' on the left hand side under the node selected in step 6

9. You will see what all partner functions are assigned to Sold-To-Party PDP

If sold-to-party is not in the list, then include it using it New Entries.

10. Now go to XD01 and enter your account group, Sales Area and press enter

11. Go to Sales Area Data->Partner Functions

After this step you should be able to see Sold-to-Party as one of the partner functions. Let the same partner be sold-to-party (Select Internal for this). You can choose same or different partners as Ship-to-Party, Bill-to-Party etc.

Hope this solves the issue. This solved my issue.



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Do you have partner determimantion procedure at Sales document header and item level in SPRO, Please check and ensure if partner fucntion are fine and sink with customer masterl level