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Ship to party in BP transaction

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What is be the best approach when we want to create pure ship-to party customers in BP?

We have many ship-to in old customer master solution which now will be converted to BP

There is no SAP standard BP-role for ship-to, but is the recommended way to do this to create a custom BP-role and then assign it to the currently used account group for the ship-to?



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Hi gunnar.aroen,
In few projects I noticed it was handled using the same role for both customer and ship-to party and those were distinguished using different BP Types (BUT000-BPKIND) but I'm also curious if that is the so called "best practice".

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Basically we dont want to create a separate role for Ship to.

The solution is One Role FLCU01, One Grouping for all partners like Sold to, Ship to, Bill to and Payer.

Grouping is linked with number range of BP and CVI.

Based on the grouping you have flexibility to choose the Account group as 0001 Sold-to party, 0002 Goods recipient, 0003 Payer and 0004 Bill to party and based on the account group the field and tab views gets changed.