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Shared Asset among Company Code Group

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Hi Experts,

I have some users here that asks about how we can share an asset among the Company Code on the same Industry/Group. The Asset is a fixed asset and non-capitalized, and this one is not an issue since it's already configured in the system. The problem is they want to issue only 1 Purchase Order for this Asset with 1 Vendor, and Purchase Organization is the same for the Group, and bill among the company code separately according to their share. For now, I suggest that they create 1 asset first to 1 company code, since assets are only assigned to 1 company code and cannot be assigned to many. They will create a Purchase Order for this asset only on 1 company code. But I am still wondering if this is possible since this is always occuring in other industries.

Can this be possible? How can I configure the system as such?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

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Hi Cecilio,

For your requirement, I have a solution i.e. work around.

When the asset is shared among several company codes and you want to use 1 PO and 1 Vendor, you raise a PO for 1 company code only and make the payment. After that internally, send the invoices to the other company codes according to their share.

Regarding the apportionment of expenses like depreciation etc... that will be taken care in the CO level.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Sravan Kumar