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Settlement Rule strategy for WBS

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to create Settlement Rule for Investment Project.

I have activated the Account assignment 05 for Settlement to Superior WBS and have maintained in WBS settlement rule parameters.

My requirement is , for a bldg, Level 2 WBS represents floors which are to be periodically capitalized and only Level2 WBS has investment Profile assigned. Level 3,4 and 5 WBS's are to be settled to Level 2 WBS.

Level 2 WBS generates AUC automatically.

Challenge here is

1) LEvel 1 WBS which does not have any postings.

2) Should I have to maintain Settlement rule for Level 2 WBS manually in CJ20N or CJB1 to settle to AUC

3) How would I be able to check what settlement rule is generated for other Level WBS's

4) I tried to assign settlement rule to Level 2 WBS using FXA as Category, AUC created automatically as receivers ,but I do not see settlement type AUC ,only Full and PER is seen.

If I select PRE ,I get error Message no. KD085

Kindly guide me in maintaining the settlement rule for the above scenario.


Kehkashan A J

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SAP does not recommend hierarchical settlement withing the same project between WBS.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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On the Level 1 WBS:

1. Add a Settlement Profile that says No Settlement.

2. Use substitution or validation the make sure the Investment Profile is blank.

On the Level 2 AuC WBS:

1. Use substitution or validation the make sure the Investment Profile is filled in.

2. The investment Profile will create the AuC and settlement rule automatically per standard functionality.

On the > L2 WBS:

1. Use substitution or validation the make sure the Investment Profile is blank.

2. Use Settlement Rule Scenario to create the settlement rule to the higher level WBS.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Experts,

I have applied the note 211324 ,to settle to superior WBS.

Level 1 WBS is not for settlement ,hence I have not maintained any operative indicator also .

Maintained Substitution for Level 2 WBS to have investment profile., which would create AUC.

I have posted some cost at Level 3 and Level 4 WBS.

On generating the settlement rule in CJB2 ,I get the error for level 1 WBS :

No settings applicable to strategy CP found.

Message no. ORB503

Ideally it should settle to Level 1 WBS as per the Note. How do I restrict it to Level 2 WBS.

Regarding settlement Profile, it flows from Project Profile and applies to entire Project.

Can Level 1 WBS be exempted from settlement.


Kehkashan A J