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Settlement process

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Hi experts

I would like to go for brief about the settlement Process.

Please explain

1. How to settle 60% to other cost objects?

2. What the industries need to follow the procedure for right periodic settlement

3. Incase in mtc order 70% work is completed in that period ? HOw to settle? balance how to settle?

4. any one tell me what procedure u r following ?

5. how to inform the users?what we can do for the orders which is created on last week of month?

6. Which run is better ? KO88 or ko8g

i am waiting for your valuable inputs ..



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There are 2 type of settlements 1) Periodic 2) Full settlement

1)For 60% enter the settlement percentage rate 60% in the settlement rule

3)Enter the partial amount as settlement %(say 30%,50%) in settlement rule. & run the settlement (K088)

5)FI/CO will take care of settlement activities.just u have to follow up with them.

we can see in cost overview of order (planned value/actual value/settled value)

6)KO88 is single order settlement

KO8G is for group of orders



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