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Settlement of PM order over Internal order

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In order to control revenue budget from being over run we have developed Internal orders in controlling with the combination of Cost Centre & GL Code. The internal order are statistical in nature.

We are facing the following problem:

1. In PM order (IW31) settlement rule is defined as following:

1.1 CAT "Order"

1.2 Settlement Receiver "3440-2360010 3440"

1.3 Amount 1000

1.4 Settlement Type is Full

2. The problem occurs when there are different internal orders

3. After we run settlement rule (KO88) it runs successfully.

4. KSB1 report shows that the amount is split among all the settlement receivers

5. Whereas requirement is that amount against a particular internal order should be charged to its GL account and cost centre only.

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Answers (2)

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I am still trying to find a solution

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In settlement profile have you checked G/L account and cost center as valid receivers ? default as

Assuming yes

In allocation structure

select allocation structure - say 40

click assignment'

In the source give cost element group or individual cost element

Click settlemet cost element receiver category and appropriate tick o Cost element


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Check the configuration of allocation structure (below 'General Order Settlement') used in the order settlement. The settlement cost elements setting should be 'BY COST ELEMENT' for receiver category ORD.



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Dear Sreenivas Kadiam,

I go to spro-----Plant Maintenance and Customer Service--Maintenance and Service Processing---Basic Settings----

General Order Settlement------Maintain Allocation Structures.

The following allocation structures are already defined:

A1 CO allocation structure

A2 No split

PM PM allocation structure

PR PARCO Allocation Structure

I could not find the (settlement cost elements setting should be 'BY COST ELEMENT' for receiver category ORD.)

Please advise


Aftab Ahmed Khan