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Settlement in CJ88

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Dear Expert,

When I going settle one asse through WBS element P05/00204/CB, I got the follwing problem in SAP

Down payment to recipient 802000000006 0 area 01 amount 5,142.74 not cleared

Message no. AW605


All downpayments were not cleared for the asset under construction for the receiver 802000000006 0 in area 01. An amount of 5,142.74 was not cleared, or too much was cleared.

You can only completely transfer an asset under construction if you reverse the down payments in the current fiscal year beforehand.


Clear the downpayments that you want to settle to receiver 802000000006 0.


Should I find the vendor? If yes, how can I find exact vedor.



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Answers (2)

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many thanx

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Hi David,

system won't allow you settle down payments to the final asset.

clear the down pymnt first that was posted to the WBSE and subsequently settled to the AUC.

Go to CJIA (PAYMENT LINE ITEM REPORT) give ur wbse as selection. look for line items with value type 61. these will be ur downpayment lines. double click to go to the origial trxn to find the vendor or look in cjia itself in the vendor column.

clear the dnpymnt with some invoice and then run the settlement again.

Ravi Shrivastav

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I could not find the place where I can put Value type

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change the report layout to add a column called 'value type'