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Settlement error

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Hi SAP Gurus,

In one of the settlement scenario, we have the allocation structure assigned with the cost element group and in settlement cost element, "By cost element" for reciever category FXA, Assets.

User has executed the settlement transaction 1 year back on a particular WBS element which has posted FI document can be displayed in FB03 transaction. The first line item diaplays correct settlement posting which is with in the range of cost element group.

Where as the other 2 line items displays the cost elements outside the range of cost element group and they are Balance sheet accounts. And these are wrong postings done by settlement program.

These accounts has been provided in Asset customization in AO90.

The other 2 line itmes are relevant for down payment and clearing of down payment.


1. Is it the normal behavior of SAP to consider the G/l accounts (or cost elements) outside the range of cost element groups? If so, what are the relevant customizations?

2. Is it possible to post down payments on balance sheet accounts?

Thanks for your replies.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Narender,

I am nit sure if I have understand you fine, the fisrt line item (from cost element to AuC ior FXA is created by the settlement settings, but I think the second/third line items are related to asset settings and are automatically created with the first posting but they seems that aren't related to thevsettlement if not with the posting created by the settlement, review if this posting is the correct.



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Hi Sara,

Your understanding is correct.

Line item 1 (including Debit and credit posting): the cost element considered for settlement is correct. It has been settled to asset A1.

Line item 2/3 (including Debit and credit posting): The G/l account on which settlement has been done is not in the range of cost element group. The asset is same as A1.


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