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Settle PREL WBS element to AUC

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In certain cases customer wants to settle partially released WBS elements to fixed assets under construction.

Is this possible?

Cuurently I am having an error when settling ("System status Created is active"). However when I check the business process 'Actual Settlement" for the PREL WBS element it is stated to be active (green alert).



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Answers (4)

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When we check the business transaction that are allowed for system status I0042 (PREL), actual settlment (KOAO/ K*) is a allowed transaction. That is why when you check I button, green light will be there for settlment when status is PREL.

However I am not sure whether this is really possible for project as when associated elements of a WBS elements are released without releasing the WBS element, then its status will overwrite CRTD status to PREL. Though PREL is appearing in foreground, CRTD status is still active on WBS element which prevents you from settling the cost to receivers.

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Nitin is very correct, though the system status PREL has been assigned to WBSE, but still the CRTD status is active.

Open your project, then select your WBSE with PREL status, click the "i" button near the status field, now you will see the CRTD is active for this WBSE, and if you click Extras>General Overiew, you will see the inactive check box is unchecked for CRTD, it means still CRTD is active. But if you do the same above exercise for REL WBSE, you will see the inactive check box ticked for CRTD status.

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This is standard behaviour of system as I understand. In WBS system status hierarchy is like as below.

CRTD->PREL>REL>TECO-->CLSD. System set PREL when below level WBS 1.1 is REL, So, indirectly on 1 lEvel WBS will have both status active at same time i.e PREL and CRTD. So, Eventhough actual settlement is green in PREL but it is blocked by CRTD status.

However, for confirmation you can alwalys check in SE38 CNSTATUS Report which disply you inconsistancy in System status.

If someone have other openion / view please share. Interesting question !

With Regards

Nitin P.

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I don't think this should be possible. Lets wait for others to comment.