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setting tax type 51 for PA

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Hello All

I'm setting up a new tax for PA.

I have some question and would be greatful for any inputs..

a) Tax Type 51 is to be applied to a residence tax area or/and work tax area. I understand that Occupational taxes are generally determined based on work location, if this is so then do i need to let no changes be on Residence Tax types, and I need to make changes of tax types with a new tax type combo for only Work tax area?

b) Do I need to make any changes in the node "Tax Models (First time config only)"?



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Hello All,

With Tom and Jarret's input I was able to research and extract some information over my query.

I'v pasted some info here for you mates to look at..Maybe this is helpful for some..

Below is the cut and paste message from TUB 68.

Pennsylvania Emergency Municipal Services Tax Type 051 has been rescinded effective 12/31/2007.

Pennsylvania Local Services Tax Type 084 replaces the Emergency Municipal Services Tax and/or the Employee Occupation Tax for amounts greater than $10 for some authorities.

The message from Note 1126604 says:

However, because the Act 7 (Local Services Tax) registry was not published until Monday, December 17, 2007, SAP cannot support productive use of SAP Payroll with Act 7 changes until Friday, December 21, 2007.

In other words, application of this Note alone does not render the standard system compliant with Act 7 (Local Services Tax) changes. To ensure that your system can perform payroll processing in compliance with Act 7 changes, you must apply:

TUB 227 or TUB 068, and the present Note, and SAP Note 1126649, and SAP Note 1122104. The latter Note will be released no later than Friday, December 21, 2007.