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Setting editable = true in a UDF Column (SBO 2004 PL 18)

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On the delivery form i have an UDF Column in the Matrix.

After saving the delivery i'm not more able to change my UDF-value even when setting the editable - property to true before the change occurs.

Is this a bug?



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Hi Philipp,

Are you changing the editable property more than once?

I can´t find the post now, but I remenber that I have read about this. The editable/visible property can only be modified once... and I´m not sure but could be only in form load or something like this.

Could another one corroborate this?

Finally found it, in the restrictions of system forms.

+Item Object

You cannot change AffectsFormMode, Enabled, and Visible from False to True.+


Ibai Peñ

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Hi Ibai

I thought the restriction was only for system objects therefore not for my udf. But now it's clear.