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Settement workorders tables

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Hi Experts,

We have requirement of drawing new report.

Process is we have work orders and it is going to settle to WBS elements. Genereally settlement will happen during month end.

My requiement is, is there any tables to identify to differentiate what all work order already settled to wbs and which is not yet settled and having some cost values to be settled.

Thanks and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ram

Please go to GRR3, look at library 601, report 6001-001. You can run it. It might need to be assigned to a Report group, select 6000. Or copy the report to change as you like.

You can run it for the number range of your PM orders. It will give you the Debits and Credits and balance. If settled the balance will be NIL.

Hope this helps


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