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Set Default Quotation Valid to Date

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Dear team,

Is there a way to make the 'Valid to Date' of a Sales Quotation default (eg: Valid to Date = Valid from Date + 30 Days) without doing an enhancement in S4 HANA Public Cloud?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi lahiru_s,

Good day!!!!!
It is possible to achieve a default Valid to Date in a quotation in the SAP S4 Hana cloud public edition, by using the concept of "Implementing Flexible proposal of Validity Dates" in SAP S4 HANA cloud.

Step 1: Goto Configuration Activities Tab, Sales --> Sales Process --> Quotations --> Quotation General Settings --> Define Formulas for Validity Dates

Create a formula ID, and click the "Assign Formula Parameters" subfolder and Enter the Required Input Parameter (This is the field is like the condition table fields, where we can maintain the required data)


Step 2: Then, Goto Formula Tasks Folder, check the usage tasks of SET_VALID_TO_DATE and then click the Assign parameter priority folder.

Enter the required fields and enter the required priority. System checks the data based on the priority specified here.

Step 3: Maintain the Decision table by going to the "Define decision Table" subfolder.
Here enter the required Operator(=) and the Document category (B).

In Absolute Offset field Enter "30", so that the Valid to date will be 30 days after the Valid from Date.
Enter the Factory Calendar Rule to determine the factory calendrer.

Step 4:Goto Define Custom Routines for Validity Dates of Sales Documents task in the same configuration path mentioned above,
Enter a Routine Number(Customer Number range = 3000000 to 3009999) and then Goto "Assign Enhancement IDs to a Routine Number" subfolder and Assign your process Enhancement task(Created CPF) in the column and select the implementation type as Configurable parameters and Formulas(CPF).

Result: Then save and try creating a quotation with the condition maintained in the Decision Table (Document Category = "B"), now the Valid to date will be 30 Days offset from Valid from.

Hope this helps!!!!!!

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Thanks and regards,

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Hi Suryaprakash,Is this available in the on prem version?