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SES Gross Price is Difference from PO Gross Price

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In production:

On May 3rd, user created PO service with 1 item service. Gross price is 110 $. Net is 110 $

On May 15th, user changed the gross price to 100$ and add surcharge condition 10% (10 $). Net is still 110$.

On May 22nd, user created SES, but the gross price/total value is 110 $ and it seems the system added the 10% surcharge again, so the "net value incl. tax" becomes 121 $ (which is wrong).

Why is this happening?

I tried to reproduce the same scenario in testing environment (without the time difference), but the symptom is not happening. I can get the correct net value 110 $ in SES after I changed the conditions in PO.

I inspect the conditions in SES, the gross value comes from PRSX, it doesn't have any sequence. No other conditions is added. Standard schema.

How is the "net value incl. tax" getting calculated in ML81N?

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Please check the KBA 2146311 and check if it can help.

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Hi Myra. It is very helpful. Thank you. Xie xie.